FameLab Germany 2013

The International FameLab 2013 kicks off FameLab Germany at the start of February next year in search for new science communicators and ambassadors around Europe. Helmholtz Zentrum München together with the British Council have organised the regional qualifying round on the 05th of March 2013 held at the Deutsches Museum.

HMGU’s young scientists and engineers are encouraged to participate and spread the message that science is for everyone. Register now if you’re brave enough to shed some light on your scientific topics to the wider public audience with the challenge of voicing this in only three minutes. This is great for those who are interested in public engagements, science communications, building your skills and would like to increase your network. Apparently, it’s the only competition where it crosses international boundaries. I’m rough around the edges and I’m definitely not on par so I’ll skip the 2013 competition but it will be worthwhile going to actively support and indirectly engage with my peers.

The three things to consider if you would like to be a participant: Content must be right, clear because you only have three minutes and charisma because it’s all about inspiring and motivating people.

Happy registering!

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